Saturday, September 18, 2010

A belated 2010 Winter Olympics post

Ok, first things first; yes, this post is some six months after the fact but I was hoping this particular day would come. See, there was a display here which had the Olympic medals and people were allowed to get up close and personal with them. Also, klv requested this and after the F1 fiasco last week, I thought I'd better pull my finger out and do this ASAP.

So, without further interruption, here's my experience of the 2010 Games from an Abbotsford perspective. Unlike the Sydney Games back in 2000, I was close enough to the host city to feel the vibe this time...and besides, I like the Winter Games more anyway.

At the time, I was working at the airport so we got a pretty good feel of both the Olympics and Paralympics. Not only did we get a brand new FBO (fixed base operator) that processed the private jets that came in, we also had a few 'names' pop by (the Governator, Vice President of Russia, hockey players, that kind of thing). February 28 was the busiest day, airspace-wise, in this regions history; Abbotsford processed some 80 jets alone.

She was a busy Sunday at YXX.

How we kept track of the planes expected at the FBO.

The torch swung by a few times, although the official torch relay date was February 7. I believe there was some small gridiron game played on that day as well but this was far more cooler. The airport itself got to see the torch a further two times, and yes we all got our pikkies taken with it. The torchhad a funky little maple leaf engraved on the side but none of the pictures I took of it really turned out very well so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Yes, that is an Australian National Ice Hockey jersey...and yes, it was worn to work a few times.

I had no idea I was at a changeover point until the bearer on the right turned up.

As far as Vancouver goes, I ventured in on the 20th to soak in the atmosphere...mighty glad I did since the buzz in the host city was amazing. Rather ordinary timing from me however as that was the one day Canada didn't win a medal. I suppose I could say I was one of the rare people to experience the Olympic rings in their typical blue colour rather than lighting up whichever colour medal Canada had won.

Downtown Vancouver during the Games.

The Olympic rings from across the water.

The first day people were allowed to get close to the flame.

Which brings us round circle to today where I was fortunate enough to get a photo of me with a gold medal...alas, that didn't bring Australia's tally up by one but frankly, I don't care. According to the little fact sheet I picked up today, 615 medals were handed out at the Olympics and 399 for the Paralympics.

Gold to Austral...wait, what do you mean 'no'?

All in all, the two months went by pretty well. It was both Australia's and Canada's most successful games in history and we got a ripsnorter of a hockey match as a finale...Sochi in 2014 has a bit to live up to.


  1. That is AWESOME Tez!!! I cant believe you got to hold a medal and the torch that WAYNE touched probably!! woot!

    Thanks for posting need to link it to Lugnuts!

  2. it was a fantastic couple of months :D

  3. tez...

    I must be living under a misconception (not unusual)...

    I thought you're from New Zealand... Am I wrong? Are you from Australia?

    BTW... Australia in the Winter Olympics falls into the same category as the Jamaican bobsled team! LOL

    Glad you had a great time...

  4. I'm Australian but worked in NZ for 5 years, Dwindy. Not sure that's an entirely fair comparison....their bobsled team had a movie made about them while nothing about Steven 'last man standing' Bradbury.

    I mean, come on, it's a fantastic story that ticks all the right boxes; unlikely country for success, broken neck 18 months prior to the 2002 Games and the 'never give up' ending!

  5. tez I had to google Steven Bradbury...

    Great story. I see where he's racing cars now. Did you know that?

  6. Thanks tez. Now I know what you were holding in that picture. You had it as an avitar on FB awhile back, and I thought you were in some magical garb, holding a sword! Nice to know you are "normal". LOL

  7. LOL, don't be fooled, CR!

    Hey Tez, Thanks for the commentary to go with the pix. Pretty cool!!! Love the artwork on the medals.

    Good on ya mate!

  8. Dwindy; that race was, quite possibly, the most hilarious Olympic event I've ever seen. I mean, what are the odds that will happen again in a final? I only knew he got into racing via his wiki page.

    CR; I'm as normal as the rest of us on this site, LOL!

    RA6AN; yeah, the medals copped a bit of stick when they were first shown (the waviness made them kind of look like a pringle, lol) but I thought they looked cool. I have a close-up of the back of the bronze Paralympic one in my FB album :)