Friday, November 5, 2010

Will he or won't he?

The 'he' in question being Mark Webber with the discussion being about, not the Championship funnily enough, what he will be doing in 2011.

Having stated the other day what everyone already knew (that being that the big wigs at Red Bull would prefer to see Vettel win the title if given the choice), he's now opened the way for further whispers about whether he will see out his contract with Red Bull next year in an interview with the BBC if you take the article title at face value.

Reading between the lines though, I'm not sure he's said anything out of the ordinary.

He's 34, coming towards the end of the shelf life for an F1 driver, has been having easily the best season of his career and, if he does what he did in May by taking two wins in the space of a week (Spain and Monaco), will be crowned World Champion in Abu Dhabi on November 14.

"Pressure? What pressure, mate? Oh, that..."

I mean, there is a substantial difference between being asked "why did you retire?" over "why didn't you retire?" and I'm not just talking about two letters and the apostrophe.

Rumours have been tossed around the Australian, despite signing a one year extension a few months ago; he's going to retire, he's replacing Felipe at Ferrari being the main two...but I don't believe he will do anything other than be plonking his butt behind the wheel of a Red Bull when the 2011 season starts in Bahrain next March.

This Aussie hopes it's with a '1' on the nosecone.


  1. I would really like to see Mark win the Championship. Red Bull is a great team, but like any team, they're going to put the "team" first, and worry about hurt feelings later. Massa over at Ferrari understands this as much as Webber. Mark has a fire in his belly, and come what may, I think he'll honor his end of the contract.

  2. Okay tez...

    I know about Marcos and Kahne. Who's your fav in F1?

    Here's hoping Webber hangs in with el toro rojo...

  3. In general, I follow Alonso, Barrichello, Hulkenberg (I'm a Williams fan, lol), Heidfeld, Kobayashi and Webber