Monday, March 14, 2011

TNQC and TNRC - Las Vegas

Alright, as I am currently on a lunch break, and we've had an off week, I reckon I can post this as we're three rounds into the 2011 season.

The points were explained in my post in January so here's how they stack up thus far:

All up, 29 drivers have registered point in the QC with 30 for the RC.

Tez's NASCAR Qualifying championship - round 3:

1 - Carl Edwards, 123 points (1 pole)
2 - Kurt Busch, 111 points
3 - Kyle Busch, 108 points
4 - Matt Kenseth, 99 points (1 pole)
5 - Regan Smith, 93 points
=6 - Dale Earnhardt Jr, 72 points (1 pole)
=6 - Jeff Gordon, 72 points
=6 - Joey Logano, 72 points
=9 - Greg Biffle, 69 points
=9 - Kasey Kahne, 69 points
=11 - Marcos Ambrose, 60 points
=11 - Martin Truex Jr, 60 points

Jamie McMurray sits three points back from 12th but hey, early days and all that. Jimmie Johnson is currently 27th with just nine points after three rounds...I expect that will change before we get to round 23 though.

Tez's NASCAR Race Championship - round 3:

1 - Carl Edwards, 132 points (1 win)
2 - Tony Stewart, 105 points
3 - Kurt Busch, 96 points
4 - Kyle Busch, 90 points
5 - Juan Montoya, 87 points
6 - Ryan Newman, 78 points
=7 - Trevor Bayne, 72 points (1 win)
=7 - Jeff Gordon, 72 points (1 win)
=9 - Dale Earnhardt Jr, 54 points
=9 - Jimmie Johnson, 54 points
=11 - David Gilliland, 51 points
=11 - Denny Hamlin, 51 points

Marcos Ambrose and Kevin Harvick are next up on 48 and 46 points each then we have four guys on 45 points (AJ, Kahne, Labonte and Truex)...I expect this could be similar story as we get closer to the Chase cutoff.


  1. Hey tez!

    It's nice to see some names at the top that weren't there late last season. We'll see who shakes out at the Bristol roller derby! I'm afraid this is where we separate the men from the boys (or at least the best white knuckle drivers...).

    I'd surely like to see Marcos run to the front... jon's makin' a case for Juan to break out in the fish bowl... We'll see.

  2. Hey Tez!

    I think you're going to see the real Chase and pretend Chase contenders separate by the summer Daytona race. It is good to see those drivers in the top 12 that are not normally there; that means they've gotten off to a strong start. The slowpokes like Harvick and Kenseth will catch up; they're too good not to. As for Juan, he's overdue for a win on an oval, and I think he wins at a track where he typically doesn't do well, that's why I picked him for Bristol.

  3. Yes, I'd say Bristol will take some out of your top-12 (Gilliland, anyone?). It's hard for anyone to win at Bristol that doesn't run well there most of the time. It's not as easy to have a surprise winner as Daytona is.

  4. Bah, Kurt should be higher as the only driver with all top 10s...or maybe I am biased.

    Agree with Gene...Bristol will clean some house!

  5. oh yes, I'm sure the names will change after a couple more weeks as well...I just meant the close battle to make the top 12 will hopefully roll on until September, lol

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