Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Aussies Are Coming...

...in 2013 anyway.

It was announced last week that the V8 Supercars have inked a five year deal to race on the new facility at Austin. At this stage, it looks like it'll be a two-race weekend, both races being 124 miles (which, in nice round Australian numbers, is 200 kilometers).

For a brief rundown on the V8's...hmm, I guess you could read the wikipedia page or check out some videos on youtube, but basically the formula is to take a sedan from GM and Ford (that may change soon...other manufacturers are sniffing about as a new style car is launched for 2013), chuck a 5.0 litre engine with 650hp in the front, make it RWD, add a rollcage and some slicks and put it on the track.

One of the most promising 'newbies', Shane 'The Giz' van Gisbergen doesn't do conservative.

I suppose they would be similar to the GT class in the Rolex series except without having to worry about those pesky Prototypes that zoom around the place at the same time. Yes, that means proper head and tail lights, wipers and doors (are you listening, NASC...oh forget it, they never do anyway) for us to enjoy.

My main worry is how you guys will take to the series. I mean, it's not like there's any shortage of motorsport currently available and the last time an Australian sport branched out over this way, it didn't pan out that brilliantly (the 1987 Rugby League experiment in Long Beach) so we'll just have to wait and see I guess.

I wonder if Marcos Ambrose will push for it to be on an off weekend for the Cup guys...


  1. I am all for the V8 super cars. NASCAR with the bricks are getting old.

  2. Tez... It's Dwindy1... Blogspot is all screwed up... I've tried over and over to make a post today, I've gone through all sorts of cures and nothing seems to work. Now I'm just trying to comment on your posting and it's like I'm not going to be allowed to even do this!

    Well here goes...

    Now this ought to be interesting... It will be a neat trick just to get their cars and equipment to Texas.

    Tez, I'm thinkin' this will catch on!

  3. I'm looking forward to this!

    Dwindy, they don't have to ship the cars over here... looks like they can just go to the dealer's showrooms in Austin and pick up a car. LOL

  4. they already go to Dubai so I don't think logistics will be the issue, lol

  5. Well given Kelly goes to Austin every month I think I'll have to time a visit during this race...

  6. have to say, after watching the latest round from Townsville, the banter between the V8 commentators when compared to the NASCAR ones is far more hilarious. They have 2 ex-drivers in the booth and another roaming the pits...they absolutely give it to each other, lol

    and remember all; this is an Australian event, so you will be the ones with the accents ;)