Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How obvious is obvious?

I'm going to borrow this from Jay Hart's article dated November 11.

Jimmie Johnson was questioned why Kyle got parked for the Texas weekend and, after some prompting, couldn't figure it out (not because he wrecked a title contender, not on probation and not because it was under caution). Jay felt it was because Kyle was too obvious about it: was wrecking Hornaday wrong? Absolutely. Did the punishment fit the crime? Yep. But the only reason Busch got parked was because he copped to it. Had he kept his mouth shut or simply played vigilante under green-flag conditions – you know, when they’re running full throttle – he’d likely have gotten little more than a slap on the wrist.

That’s the lesson NASCAR is teaching here: Boys, have at it, just don’t be so obvious about it.

Which raises a simple question then; why were James Buescher and Todd Bodine both allowed to race at Texas in the first place after their post-race shenanigans the week before at Martinsville...wasn't that just as obvious as the Kyle/Ron stunt was?


  1. Now I've heard two ways that Kyle screwed up... The first one was that he was penalized based upon his body of "work" like what he did was the last straw. Now they're saying he was too obvious? They better stick with the body of work theory. It makes better sense and certainly gives Buescher and Bodine an out...

    The driver that skated through all of this is Vickers. He's put together a fairly impressive body of work... Maybe they're giving him a pass since he was ill last season. Or maybe sense they know Homestead will be his last race at the Cup level.

  2. Helton himself said that Busch's history, along with wrecking a title contender, had little to do with it though...I think they'll come to regret this as every single incident like this in the future will have to get the same penalty and we all know they (NASCAR) won't do that because they suck so badly at consistency.

  3. If it had little to do with past history, or wrecking a contender.... what was the difference between Kyle's actions and Jeff Burton's actions against Jeff Gordon, UNDER CAUTION in the 2010 Cup race at Texas???

  4. C'mon Gene. You know the answer to that... Burton's just a good 'ol boy, never meaning no harm... Whereas Kyle is a THREAT!

  5. NASCAR, can of worms. Can of worms, meet NASCAR....very thin ice they've decided to pitch the tent on, that much is certain, lol

  6. Tez-

    How can you say that NASCAR is inconsistent? They've ALWAYS been consistent--

    consistent in their inconsistency :o)

  7. that and their stout commitment to crappy tracks *cough* Loudon *cough*