Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth Time's a Charm

It's a trek that has become somewhat of a ritual to one Australian; go to Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, one of the toughest tracks on brakes in the world. He started going in 2007 when NASCAR decided to race the Busch series there and he's been back every year.

Not that he's had much good luck there.

Safe to say that Marcos Ambrose has dominated Montreal as in the 199 laps raced at the place, the Aussie has led 123 of them. He should have three wins but the racing Gods have conspired against him each time with last year possibly being the most heartbreaking. JTG Daugherty will, once again, provide the equipment that Ambrose hopes to drive to victory lane on August 29.

Event promoter, Francois Dumontier, is delighted Marcos is coming back and wishes him all the best in his quest to land the win. He had this to say on the matter; “If Marcos finally wins here, I am asking fans to celebrate his victory – first because he will have earned it, but also to give him the desire to come back again over the course of the next few years to try and win it again.”

I hope it's a case of fourth time lucky for him since I don't think there are any other ways for him to not win here. He's been punted on the last restart, beaten out by the weather and passed on the final corner. Doesn't leave many options left, does it?

As for Marcos, his target is simple; “We have only one goal, and that’s to win the thing.”

Strong words, but his history here shows he does have the ability to pull it off...if he gets a little good luck on his side for once.


  1. I'm pulling for him to win; he's GOTTA win, as I figure the racing gods should repay him in kind.

  2. Champions are both lucky and good as the moment dictates. Some are said to make their own luck. I suppose that could be attributed to hard work.

    Seems to me this Aussie has worked his hind end off and it's about to he enjoys the fruits of his labor.

    Go Marcos!

  3. Should read about time he enjoys the fruits of his labor...

    Sorry about that.

  4. I think he's also doing the Watkins NW race again....going for the threepeat but it'll be tougher this year I'd reckon. And yes, he is due some good luck at Montreal, lol

  5. Hmmmm so you sayin you'll be picking Marcos in the trifecta then Tez? LOL

    Go Aussie!

  6. ok, what is up with the comments this week? Jon and Dwindy both posted yesterday but yours is the only one on here now *scratches head in confusion*

    and heck yeah, I'm taking him no matter what, Kristen :D

  7. Now they're all there again...I'm starting to wonder what was in my fish and chips yesterday, LOL!

  8. Tez: Need to talk to Kristen. She can help you.

    Yep Marcos needs a win. He needs to start pulling Schumachers and stay up front from the start to the finish. That way nothing gets in the way ( except slow back markers, mystery cautions,big ones, Jimmie Johnson, and what ever else NASCAR can come up with to bunch up the field).