Thursday, July 8, 2010


For the fifth straight year, Queensland have beaten New South Wales to keep the State of Origin trophy tucked firmly north of the border. They actually did that a few weeks ago after winning game two, but I was somewhat preoccupied with a little trip down to California and forgot about it until bad.

Never in the thirty year history of Origin has one state won for more than three years in a row. Queensland's dominance can put down mainly to the world class backline they have with Darren Lockyer and Johnathan Thurston steering the ship in the halves.

Now, I know most of you guys don't have much idea about Rugby League, so I have included the following link that shows patches of, arguably, Queensland's best ever player:

Darren Lockyer in action - 2001 to 2009 SOO highlights

Not really sure how best to explain Origin footy, but it basically boils down to players from all the NRL clubs being picked to represent the State in which they made their 'senior' debut in a three game series. In many ways, these games blow the NRL finals and international matches out of the water with its speed of play and intensity.

With a 23-18 win in game three Wednesday night, the Maroons became the first team to sweep a series since 2000 when NSW did it. Funnily enough, ever since I first came over here, Queensland have yet to drop a series...I think I'll stay at least another year then ;)

As former Queensland Origin player, Paul Vautin, says; go you good thing!


  1. Tez, don't feel too bad, at least Queensland kept the trophy! And you get an extra year in the Western Hemisphere!

  2. Are you speaking English here Tez? LOL I have no idea about Origin Footy but happy that you are happy! =P

  3. I'll have to wear my Qld jersey next year if we go :P

  4. Tez...

    Had some good friends I grew up with that went on to play college football but just weren't good enough or huge enough to play pro ball. Now these guys liked to be physical, you know the type, they'd rather run over you than around you.

    Anyway, this is back in the mid-seventies and these guys hook up with a rugby team out of Jon's hometown. I attended several games and although I've lost touch with it today, it was very entertaining in the day. I especially liked the post game festivities!

    Thanks Tez!

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