Monday, August 9, 2010

Hat-trick Hunting at Watkins Glen

**the pikkies are from 'Getty Images' by the way**

Three very different drivers were trying to achieve their own little piece of history in the Nationwide series on the weekend. Last years' champ, Kyle Busch, was gunning for his third consecutive race win in the races he'd actually bothered to do this year. Carl Edwards was going for his third win in a row on road courses dating back to the 2009 Montreal race. While Marcos Ambrose was aiming to be just the second driver in series history to win three straight races at Watkins Glen.

All signs were pointing to an absolute classic race between the three of them as they all started in the top five...lest we forget about the two 'spoilers' in Harvick and Logano who are both pretty handy in a NW car themselves.

Ambrose leads the field to the green flag.

Yes, this could have been epic...until the Australian decided to stink up the show by leading 60 of the 82 laps on his way to winning for the first time from pole position.

The words of the legendary F1 commentator, Murray Walker, when Damon Hill won the Japanese GP to clinch the title in 1996 come to mind; he took the lead, he stayed there. Logano was able to hang with him for the first 20 odd laps, Carl wasn't a factor as his engine had a meltdown, and Kyle made Marcos work hard to get around him, the chance finally coming when Ambrose used traffic as a pick to box Kyle in. But, ultimately, there was simply no one capable of beating him. Not even the added pressure of having the race sponsor on his car could slow him down.

Marcos Ambrose driving into Victory Lane for the third year in a row.

Like the two previous years, Ambrose couldn't quite sweep the weekend but a solid third does gain him a couple spots in the Cup standings. As for the NW drivers...well, there's always next year to see if someone can knock him off since the following equation makes for pretty good reading right now: 3(MA + NW + WG) = VL.

Next up for Marcos is the race in Montreal where he should already have three wins as well...hopefully this will be the year.


  1. Good for Marcos!

    Now if he can just hook up with a good Cup team for 2011. It was interesting listening to Brad Dougherty commentating on Marcos during the NW race and then to hear him accept congratulations from his cohorts when Marcos won...

    tez, that leads to a question. To your knowledge, did Marcos Ambrose actually quit JTD or was he asked to leave?

    Thanks alot!

  2. honestly? I don't know, Dwindy. I can only presume it was more him wanting to go than the other way around after the way their season started with so many issues.

  3. Congrats to Marcos. Now, after the Glen, we continue with your regularly scheduled Busch beatdowns on the ovals...LOL

    I'm sure Marcos had a ride lined up before leaving JTGDR. As soon as Kahne is eliminated from the Race for the Chase... Marcos will be in that car. B Labonte may be in the #47 sooner than that though.

  4. Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi OI! Were you holding up your flag and chanting Tez? =)

    Yup, Marcos jumped ship - but don't think Bud will let Kasey go before end of season.

  5. Tez, good read. Hopefully Marcos can get in Victory Lane in Montreal.

    Regarding Silly Season, it looks like Paul Menard will jump ship to RCR next season in possibly the 32 car--the only holdup is the NNS schedule, and that will be released next week. That leaves room for Marcos to go in the 9 car to be teammates with AJ Allmendinger (43 car) and ????? (19 car).