Tuesday, August 3, 2010

V8 Supercars Playing Tennis

Well sort of; they're borrowing the idea of the 'wildcard'.

All this means is that they can avoid the situation that came up at the end of last year when the Cup season was over and Ambrose was back home and hoping to drive in the final race...he couldn't due to the rules so the V8 bigwigs changed the rules.

It's posted on the yahoo site and, I reckon, is actually a good idea.

NASCAR sort of have it already given you can swap drivers about as often as the teams swap tyres, so they probably won't 'borrow' this idea like they have with a bunch of others (the wing, the 'have at it boys' mentality...still waiting on the Cup boys racing in the rain though).

Nifty thinking and could be a great way to boost the international awareness of the series.


  1. tez, I'd like to see a couple of the NAME NASCAR drivers open the right side door, take a seat behind the wheel and drive a V8 Supercar down under... Now who would be a couple of good ones? How about Carl Edwards and Jimmie Johnson? Let the boys down under teach 'em how to bump draft where the water swirls down the drain backwards! lol

  2. I was thinking Smoke might as well....he'd probably be able to race a bathtub if given the chance, lol

  3. Why couldn't Marcos race a car in the series last year? There was actually a rule telling the teams who could drives, and how many cars they can enter?
    Are the Super V8 teams franchised?

  4. yep, they certainly are franchised, Gene...have been for as long as I can recall.

  5. Tez, I was thinking Kyle Busch could hang in the Super V8 Series.